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About Dr. Salam Salloum

Consultant Cardiologist, Specialist In Cardiac Imaging, Heart Failure, And Valve Disease.

Dr. Salloum has been working in the field of cardiovascular medicine for over 20 years between cardiac surgery, cardiac intensive care, and cardiology.

In 2016 he was appointed as a consultant cardiologist with a special interest Heart Failure, Valve Disease, Cardiac Imaging (Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI, Echocardiogram, and Stress Echocardiogram), along with General cardiology (angina, hypertension, and palpitations).

Dr. Salloum received his training to be a Cardiology Doctor in prestigious UK University Hospitals. He did over 2 years at Southampton University Hospital training in cardiac intensive care and post-cardiac surgery care. He did 18 months at Papworth Hospital – Cambridge spending 1 year in cardiac surgery and 6 months in advanced heart failure training including pre and post-heart transplant care.

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