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Ask a Doctor Online; Virtual Cardiology Services UK

If you are suffering any kind of ailment, and you're not sure what to do about it, you are in the right place. Welcome to UK Cardiologist an online consultancy service, where you can ask a doctor, or more specifically ask a cardiologist about any concerns you have, as if I was virtually there. You can treat me as if I were your own personal doctor so feel free to ask me, Salam Salloum, anything whether you are in the UK or are based internationally.

Whether you just have a general question or you require a closer look at cardiological ECG readings you have received in the past, I am always happy to help. Ask a cardiologist online, and I'll do my best to answer and help with your situation through my virtual doctor services. Not only because I want to help, but providing a high quality medical service at an affordable price as an alternative to the NHS which can often be held back by the amount of patients they have to treat and see on a daily basis can cause delays on urgent advice when a quick response can be important for cardiology issues.

I have been working in the field of cardiovascular medicine for over 20 years between cardiac surgery, cardiac intensive care and cardiology.
I have been working as a consultant cardiologist for over 8 years with special interest in Heart Failure, Valve Disease, Cardiac imaging (Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI, Echocardiogram and Stress Echocardiogram), along with General cardiology (angina, hypertension and palpitations). I intend to pass this experience on to everyone who needs to ask a cardiologist anything online.
So rest assured no matter what kind of issues you have faced, whether it is post-operative or you have been experiencing some sort of cardiovascular symptoms you feel you need to ask a doctor or cardiologist about, I will do my absolute best to help you through this troubling time through my virtual clinic and online services.

Why a Virtual Online Cardiologist?

Many of my clients also ask me for reasons to come and see a virtual doctor online.
I have no bias, and only want to help.
I am more than just a second opinion or an online provider, I am an experienced doctor. I have many years of experience providing independent advice to patients at the NHS, and now  I translate this into online services.
I don't believe in potentially harmful alternatives to medicine.
You are not just one client amongst thousands to me, every patient that comes to me matters and is treated as a special patient.
Due to being online, I am available whenever wherever you are.
Not only I can offer a general advice, as a cardiology expert, I offer all types of specialist cardiology advice and many related services.

Important points about online doctor:

While I am very experienced and committed to providing you the best advice, here are some important points to take into account when asking a doctor questions online.
I am happy enough to offer advice globally as this is an online service, but my advice is based around UK practices in line with the European Society of Cardiology Guidance.
An online doctor is not a replacement for a GP, always keep in touch with your doctor.
An online doctor is not a replacement for Emergancy department.
You need to call for an ambulance or attend the emergency departmet as soon as possible if you develop sudden and severe symptoms.
Cardiological issues can be acute and severe, if it arises you will need to see your specialist and not rely on these online services.
Being a virtual doctor means that all the services listed here are online, if you want a face to face, you need to talk to your consultant or doctor.

My cardiology training:

I received my training to be a Cardiology Doctor in prestigious UK University Hospitals. I did over 2 years at Southampton University Hospital training in cardiac Intensive care and post cardiac surgery Care. I did 18 months at Papworth Hospital - Cambridge spending 1 year in cardiac surgery and 6 months in advanced heart failure training including pre and post heart transplant care. My general cardiology, echo, stress echo and cardiac CT trainings all were gained through my training at Oxford University Hospital (John Radcliffe Hospital) where I spent over 3 years. I did over 2 years of fellowship training at The Royal Brompton Hospital - London to obtain a level 3 EACVI Accreditation in cardiac MRI. I have the British, European, and American Board Certifications in Echocardiography.

All expertise aside, my only real goal is to help those who need it and I decided becoming a virtual doctor and offering both general and cardiology services online would be the best way to do so and committing myself to be able to offer the best advice to anyone who asks as well as provide more in-depth consultative services through the internet.

My Specialist interests:

  • Heart Failure.
  • Heart Valve Disease.
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).
  • Palpitations.
  • Chest Pain.

Dr. Salam Salloum


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