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About Dr. Salam Salloum

Consultant Cardiologist, Specialist In Cardiac Imaging, Heart Failure, And Valve Disease.

Dr. Salloum has been working in the field of cardiovascular medicine for over 20 years between cardiac surgery, cardiac intensive care, and cardiology.

In 2016 he was appointed as a consultant cardiologist with a special interest Heart Failure, Valve Disease, Cardiac Imaging (Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI, Echocardiogram, and Stress Echocardiogram), along with General cardiology (angina, hypertension, and palpitations).

Dr. Salloum received his training to be a Cardiology Doctor in prestigious UK University Hospitals. He did over 2 years at Southampton University Hospital training in cardiac intensive care and post-cardiac surgery care. He did 18 months at Papworth Hospital – Cambridge spending 1 year in cardiac surgery and 6 months in advanced heart failure training including pre and post-heart transplant care. 

The general cardiology, echo, stress echo and cardiac CT trainings all were gained through training programme at Oxford University Hospital (John Radcliffe Hospital) where he spent over 3 years. Dr. Salloum then took over 2 years of fellowship training at The Royal Brompton Hospital – London to obtain a level 3 EACVI Accreditation in cardiac MRI. He also has the British, European, and American Board Certifications in Echocardiography.

Dr. Salloum has performed over 5000 Dobutamine Stress Echo (DSE) to assess ischaemia and valve disease. He reported over 3000 cardiac MRI studies assessing ischaemia, heart structure, and different types of cardiac cardiomyopathy conditions. He also reported over 2000 cardiac CTs.

All expertise aside, Dr. Salloum’s real goal is to help those who need it. He decided becoming a virtual doctor and offering both general and cardiology services online would be the best way to do so. He committed himself to be able to offer the best advice to anyone who asks as well as provide more in-depth consultative services through the phone, internet and face to face.

So rest assured, no matter what kind of issues you have faced, whether it is pre-operative, post-operative or you have been experiencing some sort of cardiovascular symptoms you feel you need to ask a doctor or cardiologist about, The UK-Cardiologist will do the absolute best to help you through this troubling time through the virtual clinic and online services. Dr. Salloum will pass this experience on to everyone who needs to ask a cardiologist anything online.

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