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Cardiac Monitoring:

Besides the standard EKG, your doctor may recommend other kinds:
  • Holter monitor.
  • Event recorder.

Holter monitor:

It's a portable EKG that checks the electrical activity of your heart for 1 to 2 days, 24-hours a day. Your doctor may suggest it if he suspects you have an abnormal heart rhythm, you have palpitations, or don't have enough blood flow to your heart muscle.
Like the standard EKG, it's painless. The electrodes from the monitor are taped to your skin. Once they're in place, you can go home and do all of your normal activities except shower. Your doctor will ask you to keep a diary of what you did and any symptoms you notice.

Event recorder:

Your doctor may suggest this device if you only get symptoms now and then. When you push a button, it will record and store your heart's electrical activity for a few minutes. You may need to wear it for weeks or sometimes months.
Each time you notice symptoms, you should try to get a reading on the monitor. The info is sent on the phone to your doctor, who will analyse it.

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