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Get a Cardiologist Sceond Opinion on Cardiac Investigation and Queries within 24 hours

Here you can submit any queries regarding heart related symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations or shortness of breath. Also get the help from the expert in monitoring blood pressure and understanding cardiac tests and investigations suchh as ECG (EKG), echocardiogram, stress echocardiogramm, cardia CT, and cardiac MRI

How it works:

1. Please choose a service from the list below or book your consultation here.
2. Some services have sub category options.
3. Make the payment.
4. Make the apropriat registration, using the same payment details as much as possible.
5. You can now access members area and submit the query
6. For consultation services: Please click on Telegram, Whatsapp,  or Skype icon on members area page to have an online chat.

Queries Packages
All queries will be answered within 24 hours
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
Investigation Report Consultation
Going throught the investigation report in detailed simple English, and discuss the potential management options.
ECG Review and Reporting
Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring
Remote 30 or 90 days of twice weekly BP monitoring and medications review. The patient will need to submit their list of medications for the first time, then BP readings twice a week.
Ideal for patients with newly diagnosed high blood pressure.
AliveCor Kardia Strip Review
Review of the rhythm strip which is generated from AliveCore Kardia cardiac monitoring device.
Cardiac MRI Reporting
Patient needs to send me the Full CMR study either on a CD or upload the files to a secure cloud server.
A full report will be emailed with the specified tiume frame
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